Our Services

Our Services

We provide all range of metal solutions to the segments we serve.

In-house Design and Tooling Fabrication

We maintain a robust internal tooling capability to ensure all of our progressive stamping tools exceed customer requirements. For progressive tooling design, we employ top-of-the-line CAD packages such as AutoCAD, and Cadkey, as well 3D packages such as Pro E and SolidWorks.

Product Development and Prototyping

Our production team comprises of machinists with vast experience in tool and die making. We have been consistently training new machinists who will go on to become specialist. We design, custom-make and fabricate tools and dies according to customer requirements.

Precision Metal Stamping, Sub-Assemblies & HVM Manufacturing

Ferummas offers a wide array of contract assembly services and product assembly services including the assembly of medical devices, electrical connectors, automotive sub-assemblies, automotive steering components, industrial products, networking equipment and servers.

Market Segment

The main industries we serve